I am sitting here crying

Caues my mom wrecked my room

I had just finished cleaning it that afternoon

I have severe OCD if you dont know

That means im obsessed with organization and cleanliness

I always have baby wipes in tow

If the restroom is messy

I will wait to go tommorrow

If you make a mess in my houseie

I will escort you out

please dont touch my stuff

ive really had enough

next time you go in

ill chase you with a broom


To me, the most beautiful thing is a smile through your tears. It shows that a person can make light out of a bad situation. I’ve been thinking about all the people who are broken but make no effort to try to fix themselves. Please, put on a smile an show the world that you are stronger than you’ve ever been.

My music choices

This is a list of songs that I Love.Forgive me if my music choice is horrid.

Fix a Heart- Demi Lovato

Jolene-Dolly Parton

You Know That Im no Good-Amy Winehoues

Livin’ On A Prayer-Bon Jovi

Summertime Sadness-Lana del Rey

Lionheart- Demi Lovato

Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen

Anything by Adam Lambert(ive heard it all)

Anything by Lady Gaga(Ive heard it all)



Last night, I had a Kickboxing match. I won. After the match, we had taco bell. I had the bean burrito.Then may mother got the bright idea for us to go to the movies.Little did I know, we were not going to the movies. My mom took me to see her friend who was in the music industry. She stuck me in a room and said ” SING CHILD!!!” I was confused. So I started singing.When I was half way through the song I accidentally passed gas. We were in a confined space so the person was bound to smell it.When she did, her face turned to a horrified expression. She hurridly exited the room.


I was singing at my best friends party last night. Thats what I decided to do for her birthday. I sang her favorite song ,Remedy by Adele. She cried. I also wrote a song for her. P.S Demi Lovato is coming to Dallas on March 25th!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! SO EXCITED TO GO SEE HER LIVE FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man Oh Man

did it again

ran off leaving no possibilities

the brain leaves a trail of negativity

one can be manipulated so many times

before even two truths sound like a lie

closed all the hope

and love is but a joke

tension in the air so thick you could choke

when you suddenly appear

dont expect life to hold you near


If life is a gift why is it so hard to unwrap

If life is a journey how come there is no map

If i get lost will anyone find me

If I forget will anyone remind me

If I am down will they lift me  up

If I need help will they call me corrupt

When I am gone will you remember

Will you put out my fire and leave just embers

Hello you all!

My alias name is Firestarter. This is because I like to help people see the best in themselves. There is a light inside everyone. You just have to flip the switch. Anyhoo, I hope you find light here, or somewhere you can be you.

Here is some of my favorite things

SONGS: Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato

MOVIES: Unbroken filmed by Angelina Jolie

BOOKS: The Giver by Lois Lowry

POEMS: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe

COLOR: Black and neon red

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